Simple Procedure To Follow While Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

One of the most difficult aspects of litigating a jury trial as a criminal lawyer is facing the possibility of a jury returning a guilty verdict. Trying to stay upbeat and positive with the client but at the same time explain what happens if a verdict of guilty arrives can be challenging. Obviously there must be some tact involved because you don’t want to sound too negative and freak your client out. Especially if they have never been through this process of a jury trial before, which at least most of my clients have not.

What if you dont have the money to bond your friend out? Then it has become the time to call the bondsmen. You can pay the bondsmen a percentage of what the total bond is, provide the bondsmen with collateral for the rest, and the bondsmen will get your buddy out of jail.

How many trials have you won? Consider the number of jury trials that the lawyer has won. If you have a serious criminal case, go for a lawyer who has done one or more jury trials. Are you credible and reliable? The DUI lawyer Chicago should demonstrate to you that he/she is credible and reliable. This could be through giving you a portfolio of past cases so that you can call past clients. You could get information on credibility and reliability through online discussion forums, independent reviews in magazines and review sites, recommendations and consumer protection agencies such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Is the attorney confident but not overconfident? You do not want to hire someone that has an ego two sizes too big. Rather, you want someone that knows his or her job and has the ability to win cases because of that confidence.

Here comes the bad one. It is highly unethical for a lawyer to pay a referral fee or a bonus for “leads” on new cases. (Depending on state law, a referral fee sometimes may be paid to another lawyer, but it needs to be disclosed to the client). Some of the profession’s “bad apples” may still engage in the practice of paying “runners” for tips on new clients. So if a stranger (or even someone that you know) seems excessively persistent that you need to see a lawyer, or just happens to have a supply of the attorney’s business cards, look out! This is not the kind of person who deserves your trust. On the same note, if you bump into a lawyer who does not take his or her time to understand your case but is also excessively persistent that you need to hire him or her, look out!

Comparison shop: Talk to several lawyers. The first lawyer you meet need not be the best one for you. Fix appointments and meet the lawyers personally. Discuss the facts with the ones you meet, and you may be able to identify who can best help you in the situation.

People in Sin City are friendly, even if they do not know you. Much of this is due to the open party atmosphere that runs rampant on the Strip. If you head into town ready to party, you are likely to hook up with other groups, ready to let their hair down and let loose, too. Though you are probably safe hanging out with some new friends as you hop from resorts to resorts, it is possible to get in with the wrong crowd. The next thing you know, you are being carted off to jail with them.

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