Self Defense Weapons – They Can Be Stunning In Operation And Looks

A few years back four of my buddies and myself decided to go on a cycling trip. We had decided to ride through the Smokie Mountains. We found a friend who had a van that would haul all of us and all five bikes, gear etc.

Pick a safe house in your neighborhood where your children can go in an emergency. Talk to the owners and be sure your children know they can trust them and can go there for help. Also point out other places they can go for help, such as a convenience store, the library, the police station.

Imagine yourself lost in the woods and your cell phone is not getting a signal. Then you have to revert to yelling your head off for help. You’re in the forest, so how far do you think your voice travels? Not far!

14.When getting out of the car, always ‘turn and face’. This means step from the car and immediately face outward and towards the rear of the car. Following this basic rule means that you can gain a quick and thorough impression of the area around the car, and it ensures that you are not getting out with your back to the world as you get ready to lock the door. The other advantage is that you can deal with any potentially threatening situation much more effectively, as you are physically in a better stance and position.

You can buy a personal alarm that doubles as a door alarm. As a pepper spray it activates when the strap attached to the alarm pin is pulled. You can also hang this device over the knob of any non-metallic door, the device will activate instantly as soon as an intruder touches your door. These dual-alarms make good travel security for hotels, dorm rooms, and extra safety in threatening situations.

Carry something that could be used as a weapon. Keys are an obvious choice, but aren’t actually that useful -an attacker would have to get pretty close to you before you could use them. An umbrella or even a purse can be used to hit someone. If you make yourself a difficult victim, you’re less likely to become a victim. Carry pepper spray and as soon as you feel uncomfortable, pull it out of your purse.

This is not always a pleasant thing to think about – no one wants to think they aren’t safe in their own city but by being prepared, you can make yourself safer.

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Self Defense Weapons – They Can Be Stunning In Operation And Looks

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