Nintendo Eshop Gains Three New 3Ds Games, ‘Fire Emblem’ Demo, And Wii U Sale

Yesterday, Square Enix announced the next entry in the Dragon Quest series of games. It is called Dragon Quest X Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku and surprised everyone by being a game that requires an online connection to play.

I’m a touch skeptical on that front. They had the Classic Controller/Pro, and could have used it more if they had wanted to. And certainly, there are those who would have appreciated it in some cases. Notably, using that in place of the sideways Wii Remote in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which many have cited as uncomfortable.

Nintendo Wii U owners can also download a couple new Virtual Console games as “Mario Bros.” and “Wrecking Crew” see release on the Wii U Virtual Console. Each title is available for $4.99.

This week’s magento eshop update also adds the release of Game & Wario (6/23) for the Wii U, as well as LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey (6/25) and Project X Zone (6/25), both for the 3DS.

Simply put, some controllers are a better fit for some games than others. That’s why fight pads and arcade-style joysticks are so popular among the hardcore fighting game community. If you have a wide variety of options, it’s best to use them, rather than try to have everyone conform to a single design.

Dealextreme – Dealextreme is one of the biggest china-based retail website. Sometimes the retail price is even lower than most wholesale sites. I have a lot of friends in Canada go to purchase on this site. The delivery speed is a little longer, usually taking a month or even more. But considering the products coming from China and the cheap price, that’s not a problem.

That’s it for Straight Shooting this week. I’ll be back here Monday, though you can still catch up on what is happening as it relates to other game platforms and more fun stuff on Twitter @PoisonMushroomO, or check out the digest version on PoisonMushroom.Org!

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Nintendo Eshop Gains Three New 3Ds Games, ‘Fire Emblem’ Demo, And Wii U Sale

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