How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor

If you’ve ever been close to a newborn baby you recognize that they can be very demanding. They need to be fed every couple hours, without caring who’s attempting to sleep. They want held and comforted. They may well run a fever, or be teething, or simply cranky for a few unknown cause. All of those issues might be daunting. Specially since you are the parent and are close to it twenty four hrs a day.

Another method to aid relieve stress and stay sane is by taking a long, hot bubble tub. Lightweight a candle, turn out the lights and flip on some soothing music. Ocean waves and classical piano are each quite soothing.

All in all, the Summer infant video infant optics dxr-8 baby monitor has been one of the best products we have ever purchased for our family. It helps bring such peace of mind and helps free me to do other things while my baby is sleeping. Even if she is playing and I need to go to another room, I can still see her without disturbing her. Trust me, if my baby is calm, I do not disturb her! I would love to be able to sit and watch my baby 24/7, but at our home, it is just not possible all the time. I am sure it is this way with most people. That does not mean that you cannot be super protective and cautious.

Gift #4 Diaper Pail: This may sound like a stinky gift, but it’s actually one of the most used items in a nursery and your friend will thank you greatly for it. A Diaper pail is exactly what it sounds like; a pail that holds dirty diapers. Diaper pails are fancy diaper trash cans where you toss dirty diapers after every diaper change. The pails are designed to trap odor to keep the nursery smelling fresh and dirty diapers go in a bag that is later removed from the pail and thrown in the trash. This is a must have for every nursery and makes a wonderful baby shower gift.

However, as with many baby products, their are a large variety of choices. Do you want a basic monitor, or one with video? While the brand you buy is completely up to you, it is wise to research the options so that you can make an informed decision. Here are a few of the options available.

Car seats. All though I recommend that you buy an infant car seat at first, there are also car seats that are reversible. No matter which one that you purchase, buy a swaddle that lays in the car seat. The swaddles come in different colors, sizes, and have many different name that they are called. This will also help to protect the babies head when driving down the road and it will comfort the baby because it puts it in a tighter fit.

Another practical gift for new babies would be a baby device of some kind. It can be a baby monitor, baby sense, a baby carrier etc. Advantage: Your will defiantly win your friend’s vote… Disadvantage: because these stuff are pretty expensive!

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