Car Maintenance Tips For Your Safety

There are several easy things you can be doing to help extend the life of your vehicle, and prevent costly repairs. Here are five simple things that you can do, (without needing any expensive specialty tools) to maintain your car or truck…

Changing the oil is another key component of summer fixd app. Now, don’t misunderstand: If anything, people have a tendency to change their oil a little too often, spending a lot more money than they really need to. The truth is, many vehicles can go 5,000 or even 10,000 miles between oil changes. In the summer, though, cars are in heavy use, and engines are particularly likely to overheat. That’s why it’s good to play it safe; do in for an oil change before you leave for any long trips by automobile.

If you are moving to another state or a far location, you should consider availing auto shipping. If you will drive your car maintenance tips all the way to the destination, you are just adding more on its wear and tear. For example, if you live in Kentucky and you are moving or transferring to another state, you should use Kentucky and auto shipping service instead of driving the car all the way to the destination.

If there’s something stuck in your filter, you’ll have lots of problems. The main thing that will happen is that your car will stall constantly. You’ll also end up paying more at the pump as your gas mileage drops. This is something you should get done every 12,000 miles.

But how do you know when to change your air filter? The recommended interval is every 12,000 miles (19,312 kilometers), but that can be affected by the particular road and air conditions in which you drive. If you do a lot of driving on dirt or gravel roads, then your air filter is going to clog up much faster than an air filter in a vehicle that’s used strictly for highway driving. The only real way to know if you need to replace your air filter is take it out and give it a quick inspection.

Have your mechanic check your tire pressure every time you get an oil change, and check it yourself when you fill up at the pump. If the pressure is too low, add some air. Many gas stations have a public use air pump, and it usually costs less than a buck to add some air to your tires.

Safety & Insurance: In case of accident you are covered by the taxi company, but in case of driving by your personal car, all the damages are covered by you. By hiring taxi services you will get a peace of mind, and you will get free from all kind of tensions.

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