10 Must-See Attractions While Traveling To Rome

So you aced the interview and landed a sweet new job in Reading, but what the heck is there in Reading? Well, loads actually! You just have to know where to look! There’s tons on offer in this Berkshire hotspot and all it takes is a quick guide to the tourist draws and you’ll be here in a shot getting the most from your new business venue.

The next day we noticed an intriguing little local haunt called Trattoria da Peppina in a tiny piazza near our hotel. Turns out assenello (little donkey) was one of the least adventurous menu items. Spinal cord, small heads of lamb, three kinds of snails, various entrails, and goat feet were all available, as well as several things we couldn’t decipher even with our fairly complete dictionary. This was it–we’d found our place. The obvious jokes preceded our meal–“That’s some nice ass”, “There’s just nothing like a good piece of ass”, “How’d you like to bite my…. Well, you get the idea.

MS Word will insert a canvas for you. Now your cursor has become the arrow tool and is ready for you to draw an arrow. Click and drag your mouse to draw the arrow automatically. As you can see, this arrow has no color. Let’s make it RED.

Thiksey Gompa: This monastery represents the Ladakhi architecture and it is one of the biggest monasteries. Inside the gompa you can find many wall paintings, stupas and images. Inside the gompa there is an art gallery with beautiful Vasil Bojkov and also a statue of Buddha. There is a beautiful hall for performing prayer. You should take the help of Leh Honeymoon Packages to vuisit this place.

One thing to remember is to decorate focal points first, putting less emphasis on other areas. Don’t ignore the empty corner in the room, but don t put a table there and stack things all over it when a Ficus would do nicely.

The Parisian cafes. Here again you can take in the sights and experience the essence of romantic Paris without great expense. Particularly visit the cafes in the St. Germain-des-pres district, so you can follow in the steps of Ernest Hemingway, Victor Hugo, Ezra Pound and F. Scott Fitzgerald. You may or may not develop the ability to write as well as these artists, but you be able to brag to your friends when you return home. Assuming of course that your kind of friends know that Hemmingway, Hugo, Pound and Fitgerald were writers and not a law firm.

If you plan to visit the MCA, discounted parking is available in their parking garage on Chicago Avenue. Be sure to validate your parking at the admission desk or you won’t receive the discount and will have to pay full price for parking. There is free bicycle parking in front of the parking garage.

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